Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingle Bells

Here's Lauren's Jingle Bells. The camra is a little goofy. Haven't figured out the movie mode yet....

Merry Christmas

Christmas this year has been lots of fun. Although, I don't know that Lauren gets the full concept of Santa, she is for sure enjoying the season. Here are a few highlights so far......

1. Listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music and ever sweeter when sung by a two year old. She has Jingle Bells down pretty good, but her favorite is Rudolph. She also really enjoys the rum pum pums of "The Little Drummer Boy" and making the drumming motion.

2. Decorating with my Mom. In the three Christmas we have been in San Antonio, my mom has come back with me after Thanksgiving. We shop and decorate. It's always one of my favorite weeks of the year.

3. Going to Gruene to have our picture taken with Santa. Again a yearly tradition since living in SA.

4. Lauren's response to what do you want Santa to bring you.... "A Candy Cane" I thought this was a weird response until someone brought to my attention that when you go to see Santa, you get a Candy Cane. Sweet baby, doesn't see the greed in Christmas yet.

5. Making cookies with Lauren. Lauren "helped" me cut out and ice and sprinkle a billion sugar cookies. I'm pretty sure I actually smelled like sprinkles after that day........

6. Playgroup Christmas party. I hosted this year and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves. We ate, made ornaments, played "Pin the nose on Rudolph", decorated cookies, traded bookes and ate cake pops.

7. This year Doug and I's present to each other was a brand new gigantic TV and stand that we have been enjoying for over 2 weeks now. It is pretty awesome!

8. Christmas with the Muellers. Again, since we have been in SA, Doug and I have hosted the Mueller Christmas at our house. We had that this past weekend. I have to say so far this has been my favorite Christmas with them. And although, it is not without it's stresses ( a lot of cooking and prep work) Doug is right, it is totally worth it. It is fun for Lauren to have a Christmas at her house. So....... On Friday night, elves where in my living room putting together a little Kitchen. Saturday morning Lauren woke to a toy store explosion that was once my living room. Wondering if she understands the whole Santa thing now, after all there were candy canes. I have a sneaking suspension, candy canes will be a part of every Christmas from now on. After Santa, we had a wonderful breakfast that was wonderful, simply because Doug cooked most of it! After breakfast it was on to present time. Lauren loved present time. It didn't matter if she was opening or someone else was, she was a part of it. She would had out the present and then help with the opening, but in a nice way, not in all presents are mine kind of way. And no matter what she received it was love at first in "Clothes, I love clothes" or "Markers, I love markers". So sweet to truly see someone enjoy it all so much.

9. Doug's big haircut. I have been cutting Doug's hair for a long while now. Like years. This last time he let his hair grow really long and really poofy. So to be honest, I was a little scared to cut it. It's never been this long before. I envisioned smoke coming out of the razor. So as a last minute surprise gift, I made an appointment and got him a gift certificate and off to the barber he went. Not that it was an ordinary barber, but more of a man spa. He received the full treatment and beer. I think he was a happy guy. And his hair looks great, way better than I could of done. He tells me I'm out of a job, I'm hoping he is right! Hmm.... looks like it was another present for us both!


10. The hard part is over. I have done my Christmas meal, I made my cookies, Santa has come, presents wrapped. Now off to my parents house, were there will be more presents, but no more responsibility.......ahhhhhh.
I am sure I will have a Christmas part 2 posting as well still have more to go. So keep checking!

Just one more thing. I hope everyone has a truly blessed Christmas and heart is touched by someone or something this season. God Bless.

Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Years

On November 28th, Doug and I will have been married 10 years. (hopefully that is today if I have scheduled this to go up on the 28th....but I'm a bit blog challenged) That's a long time by today standards. It doesn't even put a dent in the years our grandparents or even parents have been together, but it's a great start. It has gone by so fast, but in so many ways, it feels like he has always been a part of my life. Our marriage is truly blessed and I am so grateful for it. So in honor of our 10 years, here or 2 list of ten. (surprise another list) These are written to Doug, so it is more on the intimate side, but I am proud of who he is and who we are so, I'm sharing it with everyone.

10 Reasons I feel in love with you:

1. Gorgeous. You have always been a looker. Beautiful eyes, beautiful build, nice hair......I could go on and on.

2. Confidence. You have always oozed confidence. Some people might say to a fault. But to me nothing is more attractive than someone who knows their capabilities.

3. Drive, ambition. From the moment I knew you, you knew what you wanted out of life and knew the steps to get there.

4. Funny. You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Who doesn't want to be around that?

5. Passion. You have always had a sense of passion and urgency about you. No matter what you were/are doing, you put your whole heart into it. Most people walk through life at distance, you step completely in.

6. Dreamer. When I met you, you were such a dreamer. Planed big, and usually got it.

7. Friendliness. You are absolutely one of the friendliest people I know. I remember when we were dating, you would go into a store, I would wait in the car and you would be in there forever, just chatting with the clerk.

8. Joyful - You are a truly happy person, and have a contagious smile.

9. Godly. Coming from different backgrounds, you opened my eyes to what it is and what it can be, the be a Godly person.

10. Athletic. You love sports and so do I so right off the bat we had something in common.

10 Reasons I fall more in love everyday

1. Man. You are a man, in every sense of the word. You take care of your family, you are faithful and loving to your wife, and at the same time you are sensitive and giving. Really, so many men could learn a thing or two from you.

2. More gorgeous than ever. You've still got it babe. Your hottie, what can I say?

3 Wonderful husband. You have become a great husband. Neither of us were to good at marriage in the beginning, but what we have is wonderful. You know (most of the time) what I need and what I mean. When my yes really means no and vice versa. You understand the importance of family time and couple time. I can honestly say you are my best friend and there is not an adult person in the world I would rather spend my days and nights with.

4. Wonderful dad. You are absolutely a gifted dad. You know exactly how to handle and love Lauren. It is obvious in the way that she looks at you how much she loves and looks up to you and that is a direct response of who you are.

5. Smart. You amaze my with your knowledge on so many things. I know that I am smart too, but not in the way you are.

6. Self sacrifice. You would do anything for your family. Wither it is not playing golf to spend time with your family are doing without something you want because it would take away from something else, you are always willing to sacrifice what you want.

7. Intense. You have a certain intensity about you. (Is it Intense Intensities or In tense in 10 cities?) You are focused on your goals and really put everything you have into everything you do.

8. Fun. You know how to have fun and just be a big goofball! I love your child like spirit and your ability to let loose.

9. Romantic. You are always doing romantic things for me and you may not always know it. From cleaning the Kitchen every night or planing a date for the two of us or bringing flowers home for no reason. You make me feel loved.

10. You love me. I know you have loved me since that day you first told me back in college. You knew before I did. You continue to show and prove your love over and over again and I am truly blessed to be loved by you.

I could list a million reasons why I love you, but these are the first 20 that came to mine. Here's to 10 great years and many more to come. I truly get a warm fuzzy, just thinking about the future that we get to share together. Thank you for loving me, thank you for choosing me and thank your for being you.

I love you always and forever!

Monday, November 17, 2008


This Sunday Doug and I ran in the San Antonio Rock n Roll half Marathon. This was our second half to do this year. We (or I, Doug is still undecided) will do it again in January. I really don't think this is something "normal" people get. But for me running has become a sort of addiction, definitely a passion. I started running before I was pregnant with Lauren to loose weight. Then I did it to compete. Not so much against other people but myself. Bettering myself, my time, my body, etc. Of course after I got pregnant I stopped. I picked it up again some time after she was born for the same reason I had done it before to loose weight. But there is just something about that keeps me coming back for more. Part of it that it is good quality me time. Another, I like the pain, the sweat and the sense of accomplishment. I always tell people, "there is nothing about me that is runner. I'm short, on the stocky side, I have asthma and bad knees." I guess it's the stubborn part of me that loves proving myself wrong, defying the odds. I ran on Sunday as hard as my little legs could. I finished in 2:21:23. 15 minutes faster than in Houston and 13 minutes faster than 6 weeks ago and 8 and half faster than my goal. Now I have my eyes set on Houston there, hoping to knock another 10 minutes off. If I don't, sure I will be upset, but it give me one more reason to run. Not that I need an excuse. I love it should I need any other reason? here are 13

1. It's good for you

2. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

3. So many people can't, so I need to

4. Gives my daughter and husband something to proud of me about

5. Great people run and it's fun to meet them

6. When people ask what you did this get to say I ran "X" amount of miles, no more saying "not much"

7. Gives me plenty of time to think

8. Great chance to pray (and that really takes the focus off what you are doing)

9. Honestly, makes be feel like a better person

10. Keeps me athletic and competitive

11. Runners just think differently about life, and I like that

12. I do it so I can call myself a runner........I'm a runner!

13. It's fun (yes I know I need help)

And for those are wondering.......13 thoughts that went through my head on Sunday

1. Here we go!

2. Yes, Doug I know what I'm doing

3. I know I said I would do the 5:1 starting at the second water stop, but I'm going to keep going

4 Pain is weakness leaving the body.

5. What is the quote on the back of my shirt? (people kept saying "nice quote")

6. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren where is Lauren, anticipating seeing her got me to each of the next miles. (Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her. Logistically not feasible, 30,000 runners, twice as many spectators. Thanks Mimi for trying)

7. It's much warmer than I thought it would be

8. Wonder how Doug is

9. Should have brought my ipod, not enough rock n roll in this rock n roll marathon

10. 3 more miles, I can do this, less than a 5k to go

11. Is it possible for your leg to just snap off at the knee

12. Who was the genius who made the last .2 straight up hill. I want names.

13. I see the finish line

and .1 I DID IT!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Fun

Wow, it feels like we have been non-stop busy all of October and that some how fall is passing us by without our even knowing it. (After all it is 85 out today so, one might get the impression it is indeed still summer.) Anyway, here is an attempt to catch up......

October started as usual with fun birthday outings for me including: A trip to Houston where we stayed with our dear friends, The Heflins. We went to an all day country concert, before pooping out before the main act. (A casualty of turning 33 I guess. I am by the way, the youngest of the four of us.) Thanks to Mimi and Grandad for hanging with Lauren while we had adult time. Unfortunately, I was most of the the next week (plus) so my actual birthday was pretty low key. But Doug and I did find time to have a nice dinner out sans Lauren.

Next highlight.......The pumpkin patch. We had our annual playgroup pumpkin patch party. (Not so much a party but want one more "P" in there.) The kids had so much fun playing in the hay maze, story time, picking a pumpkin and getting their faces painted.

My timing may be all off on some of this, but Doug went to Paris and my parents came into town to keep us company. I always love when they come to town and I get to spend time with just them. (Selfish youngest sibling, I know.) Anyway, Lauren and I had a great time and were happy to not be on our own. As many of you know I am training for a half Marathon, on this weekend, we had our final bench mark race....... 13.1 miles. So yes, that was a half Marathon. It was a great run. It was beautiful outside and we ran downtown in the mission district, so the new scenery was wonderful. My time was close to where I want it to be on the big day. So considering I was sick for two weeks and only ran once during that time and optimistic come race day I will achieve my goal.

The following weekend we headed to the ranch. It was by 10 year Homecoming at ACU. We took advantage of the proximity of ACU to the ranch. Not only was it homecoming but it was Youth weekend, so my whole family was there. It is really fun when everyone is out there, not to mention free babysitting. (Older cousins are awesome!) So while I felt like Homecoming was a huge bust, the weekend itself was not and it did not end in Abilene. From Abilene we drove to Houston to celebrate Becky's birthday and Doug had a golf tournament on Monday. Another good time. Lauren had her first night in a big bed that was not mine. She slept with Reagan, they looked so cute all snug in bed. And she has not stopped talking about wanting a big girl bed. Not quite ready to go there yet.

This past week was equally as busy as all of the others have been this month. Why take a week "off"? On Wednesday we had our 3rd annual Playgroup Halloween Party. This was the most fun by far. The kids got the whole dressing up thing, which was cute. And I got into this year too. Went a little overboard on my Halloween themed food, but it was fun making it all. At the party we had tons of food, made footprint ghost, decorated cupcakes and did some trick or treat practicing. It was huge success, even if my little butterfly girl ate sprinkles by the spoonful and didn't nap that day.......

This weekend was the official opening weekend of deer season, so Doug head back to the ranch and Lauren and I head to Ft. Worth. We rode with her best buddy Caroline and her parents. While the ride was a a little snug it was worth it and I would do it again for sure. Beats driving by yourself! In Ft. Worth we did some trick or treating in my mom's neighborhood with cousin Morgan, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Debbie and Mom Mom. This the first Halloween I have gotten to go to at my parents house. It used to be a big deal, tons of kids and parents, a big meal and trick or treating. Not so much this year, but those of there had a blast. I'm sorry that Doug missed it. Lauren was very cute running up to the door, ringing the bell and yelling "Trick or tweet" and then "another house momma, another house". She really is too cute. While in Ft. Worth we got to hang out with my Aunt Jo a lot. Which was awesome because she is one of my favorites in this world and I don't get to see her enough to be reminded of that. Saturday night we went to the FWC for an auction. I score NASCAR tickets, 4 for $85, which is a really good price. I guess those FWC parents just aren't the NASCAR type....... Sunday we went to church at RHCC. It was packed, which is a good thing. But I was especially moved by the acapella singing, which I haven't heard in a long time. There is something so pure about the sound of tons of people singing sans instruments. It was beautiful. These days instruments are my preference, but it's nice to go back to the roots sometimes. After church, lunch and a very long car ride home. Why is to trip to escaping reality is always quicker than the one back to it? But both Lauren and were happy to get back to Doug. I hate it when he's not with us.

So that in a nutshell (a big one) was our October. But here is on more word.......Blessed!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

33 Things

So, I turned 33 a couple of weeks ago. So here is a list of 33 things I am thankful for. I borrowed this idea from a old high school friend (Wade). So thanks Wade.

1. 10 years of marriage with the most thoughtful, loving, understanding man, ever.

2. My beautiful, funny, loving, entertaining daughter. (Really, who could ask for more)

3. Living in San Antonio. It's great to be back in God's country!

4. I blessed with the wonderful parents, who have taught me so much about being the best I can be at whatever I am doing.

5. Great In-laws who love my daughter more than anything and are always willing to babysit, even if it means driving 2 and half hours to do so.

6. Playgroup. Friends for me and friends for Lauren.

7. My brother and sister (and there spouses) who I know have my back no matter what.

8. I am healthy. (most of the time)

9. Running. I love to run and love that I am training for my 2nd and 3rd half marathon!

10. The Office. Possibly the best show ever!

11. My DVR. It allows me to watch whatever, whenever.

12. Good restaurants. I love to eat and right here in SA we have tons of good places.

13. It's almost Basketball season. GO ROCKETS!

14. My running partner, Brittany. She keeps me going around mile 8.

15. My best friend. Becky. There are not enough things to say about her. She gets me and I don't know what I would do without her.

16. My babysitter. She is awesome and Lauren loves her.

17. This past year we went on some fun vacations. Disney World/Spring Training and Cabo. Hope to repeat both next year.

18. Weight Watchers. Thanks to them I have now lost all my baby fat and can fit into the dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner 10 years ago!

19. Freddy's Frozen Custard (why I need weight watchers) Good custard even better burgers and fries.

20. Wii Fit. It so dang fun and finally I can do Yoga.

21. The Ranch. Truly you can feel God's presence. It is beautiful and a place the whole family can be together without being on top of each other.

22. Abby our dog. Still a little needy, but she is smart.

23. My old friends from California. Miss you guys.

24. Facebook. It helps me keep in touch with so many people. I'm hooked!

25. HEB. Thanks to HEB I got to move back to Texas. Not mention, I love to shop there.

26. I learned how to make a TUTU, pretty good for a none crafty girl.

27. My computer. I probably spend to much time on it, but it lets me stay connected.

28. Doug's date nights with Lauren.

29. My date nights with Doug.

30. My car. I love my gas guzzling SUV.

31. Cartoon Channels.......and PBS.

32. My bed. I can't wait to collapse into most nights.

33. My IPOD.

Favorite Lauren Quotes Part 2

1. "I love you babe"
2. "Night, Night Ab's" (This is just cute, because she hears me refer to the dog as Abs instead of Abby)
3. "D" like Daddy" (I like this because each week we learn about a new letter, and this just tells me she is starting to get it)
4. "Wicka Wicka What (fans of the office will get this)"
5. "Five dollar, five dollar, five dollar footlong" (subway commercial)
6. "Thank you mommy" (Finally after months of trying to get her to say thank you, she finally is)
7. "Daddy's a big boy"
8. "There's a lot of toys over there" (Referring to Mimi's and Granddad's house)
9. "I went to the pumpkin patch" (I don't know just hearing a 2 year old say pumpkin, is so cute)
10. "It's mommy's turn" (for fill in the blank)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playgroup Buddies

When Lauren was about 4 months old we started attending a playgroup. The blessing in this was more for me than her at the time. At this point the babies just laid there drooling on a mound of blankets. But for me this was awesome. I had just moved to San Antonio and knew absolutely no one. So now I had mommy friends and Lauren had other babies to lay and slober with. Now two years later, we both have a great set of friends and have obviously long passed the laying and drooling phase. Lauren has so much fun at our playgroup outings and it incredible to watch a group of babies progress through babyhood, to the toddler stage and now on to the little kid stage. Each have a unique personality and it's fun to watch them interact with each other.

There is Avery, the free spirit independent who is incredibly smart.

Ryan, the sweet, sensitive boy who is going to make a great protector for the girls when they get older.

Caroline, who has become like a sister to Lauren. She has her own opinion about things, but really just loves to play. I predict she will be the class clown! She is too funny!

Iain, the explorer, he loves stepping out on his own discovering new things.

Jenna, another smarty who could hold an adult conversation for as long as I can remember.

And of course Lauren, who is best described as a social butterfly, she loves to play and talk and loves her friends!

We have had playmates come and go and we miss them, but the core remains strong. And me, well, I feel so blessed to know I've got at least 5 strong women that have my back in a pinch and are there just chat and offer the best parenting advice. They reassure me when I don't know what to do. They are willing just to hang when I am bored and need to get out of house. They are there when I need someone to watch my kid. Thanks girls for being my friend and thank kiddos for being Lauren's friend!

We've come a long way baby! This was one of the first meetings of the minds!

And this was last week!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Does this Girl know how to Dress or what?

When Lauren plays dress up, she goes all out. She puts on every piece of dress up clothing that is available and goes at.........