Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas this year has been lots of fun. Although, I don't know that Lauren gets the full concept of Santa, she is for sure enjoying the season. Here are a few highlights so far......

1. Listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music and ever sweeter when sung by a two year old. She has Jingle Bells down pretty good, but her favorite is Rudolph. She also really enjoys the rum pum pums of "The Little Drummer Boy" and making the drumming motion.

2. Decorating with my Mom. In the three Christmas we have been in San Antonio, my mom has come back with me after Thanksgiving. We shop and decorate. It's always one of my favorite weeks of the year.

3. Going to Gruene to have our picture taken with Santa. Again a yearly tradition since living in SA.

4. Lauren's response to what do you want Santa to bring you.... "A Candy Cane" I thought this was a weird response until someone brought to my attention that when you go to see Santa, you get a Candy Cane. Sweet baby, doesn't see the greed in Christmas yet.

5. Making cookies with Lauren. Lauren "helped" me cut out and ice and sprinkle a billion sugar cookies. I'm pretty sure I actually smelled like sprinkles after that day........

6. Playgroup Christmas party. I hosted this year and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves. We ate, made ornaments, played "Pin the nose on Rudolph", decorated cookies, traded bookes and ate cake pops.

7. This year Doug and I's present to each other was a brand new gigantic TV and stand that we have been enjoying for over 2 weeks now. It is pretty awesome!

8. Christmas with the Muellers. Again, since we have been in SA, Doug and I have hosted the Mueller Christmas at our house. We had that this past weekend. I have to say so far this has been my favorite Christmas with them. And although, it is not without it's stresses ( a lot of cooking and prep work) Doug is right, it is totally worth it. It is fun for Lauren to have a Christmas at her house. So....... On Friday night, elves where in my living room putting together a little Kitchen. Saturday morning Lauren woke to a toy store explosion that was once my living room. Wondering if she understands the whole Santa thing now, after all there were candy canes. I have a sneaking suspension, candy canes will be a part of every Christmas from now on. After Santa, we had a wonderful breakfast that was wonderful, simply because Doug cooked most of it! After breakfast it was on to present time. Lauren loved present time. It didn't matter if she was opening or someone else was, she was a part of it. She would had out the present and then help with the opening, but in a nice way, not in all presents are mine kind of way. And no matter what she received it was love at first in "Clothes, I love clothes" or "Markers, I love markers". So sweet to truly see someone enjoy it all so much.

9. Doug's big haircut. I have been cutting Doug's hair for a long while now. Like years. This last time he let his hair grow really long and really poofy. So to be honest, I was a little scared to cut it. It's never been this long before. I envisioned smoke coming out of the razor. So as a last minute surprise gift, I made an appointment and got him a gift certificate and off to the barber he went. Not that it was an ordinary barber, but more of a man spa. He received the full treatment and beer. I think he was a happy guy. And his hair looks great, way better than I could of done. He tells me I'm out of a job, I'm hoping he is right! Hmm.... looks like it was another present for us both!


10. The hard part is over. I have done my Christmas meal, I made my cookies, Santa has come, presents wrapped. Now off to my parents house, were there will be more presents, but no more responsibility.......ahhhhhh.
I am sure I will have a Christmas part 2 posting as well still have more to go. So keep checking!

Just one more thing. I hope everyone has a truly blessed Christmas and heart is touched by someone or something this season. God Bless.

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