Monday, November 17, 2008


This Sunday Doug and I ran in the San Antonio Rock n Roll half Marathon. This was our second half to do this year. We (or I, Doug is still undecided) will do it again in January. I really don't think this is something "normal" people get. But for me running has become a sort of addiction, definitely a passion. I started running before I was pregnant with Lauren to loose weight. Then I did it to compete. Not so much against other people but myself. Bettering myself, my time, my body, etc. Of course after I got pregnant I stopped. I picked it up again some time after she was born for the same reason I had done it before to loose weight. But there is just something about that keeps me coming back for more. Part of it that it is good quality me time. Another, I like the pain, the sweat and the sense of accomplishment. I always tell people, "there is nothing about me that is runner. I'm short, on the stocky side, I have asthma and bad knees." I guess it's the stubborn part of me that loves proving myself wrong, defying the odds. I ran on Sunday as hard as my little legs could. I finished in 2:21:23. 15 minutes faster than in Houston and 13 minutes faster than 6 weeks ago and 8 and half faster than my goal. Now I have my eyes set on Houston there, hoping to knock another 10 minutes off. If I don't, sure I will be upset, but it give me one more reason to run. Not that I need an excuse. I love it should I need any other reason? here are 13

1. It's good for you

2. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

3. So many people can't, so I need to

4. Gives my daughter and husband something to proud of me about

5. Great people run and it's fun to meet them

6. When people ask what you did this get to say I ran "X" amount of miles, no more saying "not much"

7. Gives me plenty of time to think

8. Great chance to pray (and that really takes the focus off what you are doing)

9. Honestly, makes be feel like a better person

10. Keeps me athletic and competitive

11. Runners just think differently about life, and I like that

12. I do it so I can call myself a runner........I'm a runner!

13. It's fun (yes I know I need help)

And for those are wondering.......13 thoughts that went through my head on Sunday

1. Here we go!

2. Yes, Doug I know what I'm doing

3. I know I said I would do the 5:1 starting at the second water stop, but I'm going to keep going

4 Pain is weakness leaving the body.

5. What is the quote on the back of my shirt? (people kept saying "nice quote")

6. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren where is Lauren, anticipating seeing her got me to each of the next miles. (Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her. Logistically not feasible, 30,000 runners, twice as many spectators. Thanks Mimi for trying)

7. It's much warmer than I thought it would be

8. Wonder how Doug is

9. Should have brought my ipod, not enough rock n roll in this rock n roll marathon

10. 3 more miles, I can do this, less than a 5k to go

11. Is it possible for your leg to just snap off at the knee

12. Who was the genius who made the last .2 straight up hill. I want names.

13. I see the finish line

and .1 I DID IT!


will said...

Uh oh....look who found your blog.

will said...

My favorite reason, number 3.

Oh, and seriously, do you really have so many people trying to spam you on your blog that I have to enter a captcha, or whatever the heck they are called, every time I want to say something? Yeah, I'm a complainer.

Mueller Mania said...

Not as cool as yours....but it will have to do.

And I seriously don't know why you have to enter the captcha....will have to fix that....

will said...

I'm just giving you a hard time. I just hate those thing because I never get it right the first time.

Mueller Mania said... either. I was trying to by some tickets today and finally gave up, because every time I did as search for new tickets....I typed the wrong thing. Really what is the point?

will said...

I know. I really like your take on why you do it; it sounds a lot like someone else I know. Last winter when I was working for an agency, every day I would run 3 to 5 miles on my lunch break, in snow and subzero temperatures, and a buddy asked me, "why do you do that to yourself?" I explained to him that it made me feel safe because I knew if I showed myself that type of discipline every day, the rest of my life wasn't nearly as scary. Funny the things we do to convince ourselves of our worth and ability.

Mueller Mania said...


Stacey said...

So impressive. I have no stamina. Congrats on finishing the race. Proud of you!