Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conversations with Lauren

It's so fun to have real two way conversations with Lauren. Here is our conversation on the way to the mailbox today.

Lauren : I don't like squirrels. (Upon seeing my neighbors lawn decor of plastic squirrels, yuck!)

Me: Why?

Lauren: Because I like sharks.

Me: Or really, what else do you like?

Lauren: I like sharks, Disney World, Sea World and Church.

Me: That's good, what else do you like?

Lauren: Class, eating a snack in class, making new friends, and water. (all of these are related to class at church, I think she got stuck there.

Me: What else?

Lauren: Ummm my friends

Lauren: Me and daddy fixed that thing over there. It was really broken. I had my shoes on, but you didn't I saw you. (busted)

Me: That's right little girl.

Lauren: What are we going to do now? I'm NOT tired, I don't wanna go to bed. (Huge clue that she is ready to go to bed)

Me: I didn't say you were tired......

That's about it. A few things I love about this conversation..... It was two way, questions and answers. Second, I can tell she REALLY loves church, ranking it up there with Disney World and Sea World, wow. And finally, how it cycles back around, reminding me she is still only 2 for a few more weeks, with the whole, I'm not tired bit. I'm sure she won't be growing out of that any time soon and I am just fine with that!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lauren's Bible Interpation

Every night before bed, Lauren "reads" her bible then I read it. (We have made all the way through Matthew and Mark, now on Luke.) Most of the time when she "reads" it is gibberish with a few "Gods" thrown in. But last night she grab it and said, "This is God's Holy Word. It says right here that Lauren can stay up all day long." Hiding my laughter and thinking quickly, I respond, "Oh, I don't think it does say that, but it does say to obey your Mommy and Daddy, and so for you, I am sad to say that means you have to go to bed." To which she responded, "Oh Man!" Too funny. But I am happy that she understands that the Bible is God's Holy Word and that she is starting to put together that Bible means something and is a guideline by which to live, even if it doesn't say little girls can stay up all day long!