Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Years

On November 28th, Doug and I will have been married 10 years. (hopefully that is today if I have scheduled this to go up on the 28th....but I'm a bit blog challenged) That's a long time by today standards. It doesn't even put a dent in the years our grandparents or even parents have been together, but it's a great start. It has gone by so fast, but in so many ways, it feels like he has always been a part of my life. Our marriage is truly blessed and I am so grateful for it. So in honor of our 10 years, here or 2 list of ten. (surprise another list) These are written to Doug, so it is more on the intimate side, but I am proud of who he is and who we are so, I'm sharing it with everyone.

10 Reasons I feel in love with you:

1. Gorgeous. You have always been a looker. Beautiful eyes, beautiful build, nice hair......I could go on and on.

2. Confidence. You have always oozed confidence. Some people might say to a fault. But to me nothing is more attractive than someone who knows their capabilities.

3. Drive, ambition. From the moment I knew you, you knew what you wanted out of life and knew the steps to get there.

4. Funny. You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Who doesn't want to be around that?

5. Passion. You have always had a sense of passion and urgency about you. No matter what you were/are doing, you put your whole heart into it. Most people walk through life at distance, you step completely in.

6. Dreamer. When I met you, you were such a dreamer. Planed big, and usually got it.

7. Friendliness. You are absolutely one of the friendliest people I know. I remember when we were dating, you would go into a store, I would wait in the car and you would be in there forever, just chatting with the clerk.

8. Joyful - You are a truly happy person, and have a contagious smile.

9. Godly. Coming from different backgrounds, you opened my eyes to what it is and what it can be, the be a Godly person.

10. Athletic. You love sports and so do I so right off the bat we had something in common.

10 Reasons I fall more in love everyday

1. Man. You are a man, in every sense of the word. You take care of your family, you are faithful and loving to your wife, and at the same time you are sensitive and giving. Really, so many men could learn a thing or two from you.

2. More gorgeous than ever. You've still got it babe. Your hottie, what can I say?

3 Wonderful husband. You have become a great husband. Neither of us were to good at marriage in the beginning, but what we have is wonderful. You know (most of the time) what I need and what I mean. When my yes really means no and vice versa. You understand the importance of family time and couple time. I can honestly say you are my best friend and there is not an adult person in the world I would rather spend my days and nights with.

4. Wonderful dad. You are absolutely a gifted dad. You know exactly how to handle and love Lauren. It is obvious in the way that she looks at you how much she loves and looks up to you and that is a direct response of who you are.

5. Smart. You amaze my with your knowledge on so many things. I know that I am smart too, but not in the way you are.

6. Self sacrifice. You would do anything for your family. Wither it is not playing golf to spend time with your family are doing without something you want because it would take away from something else, you are always willing to sacrifice what you want.

7. Intense. You have a certain intensity about you. (Is it Intense Intensities or In tense in 10 cities?) You are focused on your goals and really put everything you have into everything you do.

8. Fun. You know how to have fun and just be a big goofball! I love your child like spirit and your ability to let loose.

9. Romantic. You are always doing romantic things for me and you may not always know it. From cleaning the Kitchen every night or planing a date for the two of us or bringing flowers home for no reason. You make me feel loved.

10. You love me. I know you have loved me since that day you first told me back in college. You knew before I did. You continue to show and prove your love over and over again and I am truly blessed to be loved by you.

I could list a million reasons why I love you, but these are the first 20 that came to mine. Here's to 10 great years and many more to come. I truly get a warm fuzzy, just thinking about the future that we get to share together. Thank you for loving me, thank you for choosing me and thank your for being you.

I love you always and forever!

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