Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playgroup Buddies

When Lauren was about 4 months old we started attending a playgroup. The blessing in this was more for me than her at the time. At this point the babies just laid there drooling on a mound of blankets. But for me this was awesome. I had just moved to San Antonio and knew absolutely no one. So now I had mommy friends and Lauren had other babies to lay and slober with. Now two years later, we both have a great set of friends and have obviously long passed the laying and drooling phase. Lauren has so much fun at our playgroup outings and it incredible to watch a group of babies progress through babyhood, to the toddler stage and now on to the little kid stage. Each have a unique personality and it's fun to watch them interact with each other.

There is Avery, the free spirit independent who is incredibly smart.

Ryan, the sweet, sensitive boy who is going to make a great protector for the girls when they get older.

Caroline, who has become like a sister to Lauren. She has her own opinion about things, but really just loves to play. I predict she will be the class clown! She is too funny!

Iain, the explorer, he loves stepping out on his own discovering new things.

Jenna, another smarty who could hold an adult conversation for as long as I can remember.

And of course Lauren, who is best described as a social butterfly, she loves to play and talk and loves her friends!

We have had playmates come and go and we miss them, but the core remains strong. And me, well, I feel so blessed to know I've got at least 5 strong women that have my back in a pinch and are there just chat and offer the best parenting advice. They reassure me when I don't know what to do. They are willing just to hang when I am bored and need to get out of house. They are there when I need someone to watch my kid. Thanks girls for being my friend and thank kiddos for being Lauren's friend!

We've come a long way baby! This was one of the first meetings of the minds!

And this was last week!

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