Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Fun

Wow, it feels like we have been non-stop busy all of October and that some how fall is passing us by without our even knowing it. (After all it is 85 out today so, one might get the impression it is indeed still summer.) Anyway, here is an attempt to catch up......

October started as usual with fun birthday outings for me including: A trip to Houston where we stayed with our dear friends, The Heflins. We went to an all day country concert, before pooping out before the main act. (A casualty of turning 33 I guess. I am by the way, the youngest of the four of us.) Thanks to Mimi and Grandad for hanging with Lauren while we had adult time. Unfortunately, I was most of the the next week (plus) so my actual birthday was pretty low key. But Doug and I did find time to have a nice dinner out sans Lauren.

Next highlight.......The pumpkin patch. We had our annual playgroup pumpkin patch party. (Not so much a party but want one more "P" in there.) The kids had so much fun playing in the hay maze, story time, picking a pumpkin and getting their faces painted.

My timing may be all off on some of this, but Doug went to Paris and my parents came into town to keep us company. I always love when they come to town and I get to spend time with just them. (Selfish youngest sibling, I know.) Anyway, Lauren and I had a great time and were happy to not be on our own. As many of you know I am training for a half Marathon, on this weekend, we had our final bench mark race....... 13.1 miles. So yes, that was a half Marathon. It was a great run. It was beautiful outside and we ran downtown in the mission district, so the new scenery was wonderful. My time was close to where I want it to be on the big day. So considering I was sick for two weeks and only ran once during that time and optimistic come race day I will achieve my goal.

The following weekend we headed to the ranch. It was by 10 year Homecoming at ACU. We took advantage of the proximity of ACU to the ranch. Not only was it homecoming but it was Youth weekend, so my whole family was there. It is really fun when everyone is out there, not to mention free babysitting. (Older cousins are awesome!) So while I felt like Homecoming was a huge bust, the weekend itself was not and it did not end in Abilene. From Abilene we drove to Houston to celebrate Becky's birthday and Doug had a golf tournament on Monday. Another good time. Lauren had her first night in a big bed that was not mine. She slept with Reagan, they looked so cute all snug in bed. And she has not stopped talking about wanting a big girl bed. Not quite ready to go there yet.

This past week was equally as busy as all of the others have been this month. Why take a week "off"? On Wednesday we had our 3rd annual Playgroup Halloween Party. This was the most fun by far. The kids got the whole dressing up thing, which was cute. And I got into this year too. Went a little overboard on my Halloween themed food, but it was fun making it all. At the party we had tons of food, made footprint ghost, decorated cupcakes and did some trick or treat practicing. It was huge success, even if my little butterfly girl ate sprinkles by the spoonful and didn't nap that day.......

This weekend was the official opening weekend of deer season, so Doug head back to the ranch and Lauren and I head to Ft. Worth. We rode with her best buddy Caroline and her parents. While the ride was a a little snug it was worth it and I would do it again for sure. Beats driving by yourself! In Ft. Worth we did some trick or treating in my mom's neighborhood with cousin Morgan, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Debbie and Mom Mom. This the first Halloween I have gotten to go to at my parents house. It used to be a big deal, tons of kids and parents, a big meal and trick or treating. Not so much this year, but those of there had a blast. I'm sorry that Doug missed it. Lauren was very cute running up to the door, ringing the bell and yelling "Trick or tweet" and then "another house momma, another house". She really is too cute. While in Ft. Worth we got to hang out with my Aunt Jo a lot. Which was awesome because she is one of my favorites in this world and I don't get to see her enough to be reminded of that. Saturday night we went to the FWC for an auction. I score NASCAR tickets, 4 for $85, which is a really good price. I guess those FWC parents just aren't the NASCAR type....... Sunday we went to church at RHCC. It was packed, which is a good thing. But I was especially moved by the acapella singing, which I haven't heard in a long time. There is something so pure about the sound of tons of people singing sans instruments. It was beautiful. These days instruments are my preference, but it's nice to go back to the roots sometimes. After church, lunch and a very long car ride home. Why is to trip to escaping reality is always quicker than the one back to it? But both Lauren and were happy to get back to Doug. I hate it when he's not with us.

So that in a nutshell (a big one) was our October. But here is on more word.......Blessed!

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