Thursday, October 16, 2008

Favorite Lauren Quotes Part 2

1. "I love you babe"
2. "Night, Night Ab's" (This is just cute, because she hears me refer to the dog as Abs instead of Abby)
3. "D" like Daddy" (I like this because each week we learn about a new letter, and this just tells me she is starting to get it)
4. "Wicka Wicka What (fans of the office will get this)"
5. "Five dollar, five dollar, five dollar footlong" (subway commercial)
6. "Thank you mommy" (Finally after months of trying to get her to say thank you, she finally is)
7. "Daddy's a big boy"
8. "There's a lot of toys over there" (Referring to Mimi's and Granddad's house)
9. "I went to the pumpkin patch" (I don't know just hearing a 2 year old say pumpkin, is so cute)
10. "It's mommy's turn" (for fill in the blank)

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