Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back to School

Back in September Lauren went back to school. Well, two days a week anyway. But they are full days for sure. We are still struggling with the 7AM wake up call, but we're getting there. Lauren loves her new class. They are the FROGs (Fully rely on God). Which is hilarious because my pledge class at ACU was the FROGs (Flames rely on God). It maybe kinda funny, but I think it was God's way of reassuring me we were doing the right thing. I had linger doubts about if we chose the right program for this year. Originally, we were going to put her in a 5 day half day program, but that really didn't seem manageable with a new baby on the way. And I considered looking at 3 day programs. But in the end we ended up where we should be. We were all excited to see she had several friends from her class last year and has already made a special bonds with some new kiddos. She is blessed with 2 great teachers that have already taught her so much. She is has a wealth of knowledge about apples, the letter A, and families. This year I actually get feedback from her on how her day was and what she learned. I love it. She loves school and is always asking how much longer until she goes again. Here are some pictures from the first day.

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