Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Recap

Sad. Summer is over, just the high temps linger on. (Well, when I started this they were, now it's actually just awesome weather) I love summer, the heat, the sun, the swimming, the vacations, the carefree days. All of these we so enjoyed this summer. I have tried my best to make the most of this summer, knowing how different life will be next summer with two sets of hands to hold. I think we succeeded in making lasting memories in our last summer as a family of three.

Lauren enjoyed VBS at Oak Hills and Concordia. We had a fun visit from the Heflin family that included a day at the zoo and 2 days at Seaworld. Lauren attended Ballet Camp at Oak Hills along with several of her playgroup friends. Our family of 3 had an awesome vacation in Seagrove, FL. A few trips to the ranch thrown in there. August was more of a stay at home month, but we filled it with lots of swimming including swimming lessons, visits from Grandparents and play dates. Here are some pictures highlights.........

Zoo Trip


Swim Lessons

Ballet Camp


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