Friday, April 16, 2010

South Padre

Shortly after our first soccer game (and when I say shortly I'm mean less than an hour) we were on the road to South Padre. Neither Doug or I had been in such a long time we thought we should check it out. We try to take Lauren to a beach at least once a year. (At the time we thought this would be our one beach trip of there year, but plans change.) In years past we went to Port A, but after the disastrous nose issue of last year, Doug banned it from our to do list. So off to Padre we went. I have to say the beaches are much nicer, and since we went in March we almost had the beach to ourselves. It was a little chilly (the first day I was wrapped in my towel for the first half of the day and then swaddled in my bed for the second half.). But we managed to have a great relaxing time and Lauren absolutely loved the beach, sand and all that goes with it. In fact we all loved it so much, that Doug and I decided to cancel our adult only trip to NY and instead the three of us are headed to Seaside, FL in July. I am so excited, I can hardly wait! I love the beach and I love watching Lauren love it.

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