Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Lauren

My baby has been four for over a week now, so it's time to do a big 4 year old post. This year we started the celebration only a week early with our traditional once a year trip to Chucky E Cheese with Lauren's dear friend Caroline. The girls had a blast, Doug and I just tried to keep up with two munchkins.
Sweet friends

This year's party was at Artworks. I wanted to go easy this year and have the party done for me and out of the million of choices out there, Lauren wanted an art party. She had all of her playgroup friends there and a bunch of friends from school. We were also blessed to have a lot of family in town to celebrate the big occasion!

Me with two of my favorite girls!

The pink flower cake. Could you get more girly?

Listening to instructions.

Busy with play doh

Posing with Papa

The family shot

Sweet School friends Claire and Maggie

Jenna & Lauren

Caroline and Lauren

Alonzo, Brynn and Lauren (school and soccer/ballet)

Mallory, Lauren and Avery

Lauren is so excited to be four and all of the things being four means. To her being four means, playing soccer, a ballet recital, becoming a big sister, swim lessons and going to beach. (All upcoming plans.) In tradition from last year, here are a few of her favorite things, only this time in fours!

Favorite Colors
1. Pink
2. Blue
3. Orange
4. White

Favorite People

1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. Caroline
4. Addison A

Favorite Shows
1. Max and Ruby
2. Olivia
3. Yo Gabba Gabba
4. Wow Wow Wubzy

Favorite Movies
1. Hotel For Dogs
2. Bolt
3. Wow Wow Wubzy
4. Cinderella

Favorite Foods
1. Mac n Cheese
2. Lunchables
3. Ham and Cheese
4. Cheese Enchiladas

Favorite things to do
1. Hug Mommy
2. Ballet
3. Love on Abby
4. Art

Favorite Songs (CDS)
1. Weezer
2. Glee
3. Muse
4. Wade Bowen

Favorite Trips
1. Beach
2. Disney World
3. Ranch
4. Trips to grandparents

Favorite Animals
1. Puppy
2. Panda
3. Lady Bug
4. Bear

4 Random Favorites
1. Sleeping
2. Her bed
3. The baby
4. Soccer

Favorite Games
1. Dora game
2. Leap Frog game
3. Trouble
4. Lady bug game

Favorite Places to Eat
1. Subway
2. Mexican
3. Willies
4. Chick fil a


I could never tell you just how much joy you bring to my day. Your smile, your laugh, your hugs make each day better and brighter. I really don't know or understand how out of all the parents in the world God chose us to have such a good kid. The best word I can think of to describe you is sweet. You are so sweet. Always quick with hug, always thoughtful and concerned about the will being of others, always giving and sharing with you friends. You never cease to amaze me. This past year has been so much fun. I have loved watching you at ballet and soccer, had the best time on our beach trip and love to hear your stories about school. You have grown leaps in bounds in just about every way possible. I love our conversations, playing games and making crafts together. I can't wait to see what next year brings. We have so many things to look forward to as a four year old. Right now you are so excited about summer, ballet, soccer, but mostly about being a big sister. I will never forget telling you about our baby and how your eyes lit up and your jaw dropped. I love listening to you talk about "your" baby and all the things you are going to teach hm or her and how you are going to help me. You are going to be such a big sister and I can't wait to see you fill that role. Thank you sweet girl, for always being you, for loving so big, for shining so bright that you warm the room. Happy 4th birthday to my baby, er um my big girl! Love you bigger than world, wider than my arms stretch and higher than the moon!

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