Friday, October 23, 2009

Playgroup Pumpkin Patch (A look back)

It's hard to believe we have been going to the same little pumpkin patch for four years now. Here's a look back.

Year 1 Look at those chubby cheeks and dark hair. Can you believe that is the same kid? No pictures of the whole group this year, never would have worked, since they weren't sitting that great on their own yet.

Year 2! What a differance. Look at the blond curls!

The whole group! (most of them anyway!)

Caroline, Lauren, Jenna and Ryan.

Sweet friends already. Caroline & Lauren.

Year 3! Still blond curls and long legs!

She learned the art of the silly face.

The gang!

My Kitty Cat!

Still sweet friends!

Year 4

Looking so grown up!

Jenna, Caroline and Lauren

The gang!

And once again the sweet, sweet friends.

Momma and her girl.

My little puppy.

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