Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09 Edition

Halloween was a blast this year. Lauren was totally into it from the get go even picking out what she wanted to be. A rock star! Which actually turned out to be pretty fun. We went with rocking out via the 80's. Friday started our Halloween festivities as we hosted the playgroup Halloween party. It was so much fun to see the kids really getting into it. We had a Rock star, a Witch, a Dorthy, a Butterfly, an Indian Jones and a Strawberry Shortcake. The kids ate mummy pizzas, did some indoor trick or treating, made a cute spider craft and decorated cupcakes. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and I think the adults did too. I did anyway.

Craft time


Witch, Rock star, Butterfly and Dorthy

Saturday, Doug surprised Lauren and I with a trip to the South Texas Corn Maze. Also another great time. They had so much for kids to do. We petted some goats, bounced on the a big bouncy thing, played on the playgroup, went down the slide, climbed through hay and found our way through the maze after getting lost. Oh yeah, we ate some pretty good food there too and came home with a bag of the most delicious kettle corn ever. It was a beautiful day in the mid 70's, perfect for a family outing. So thankful, that I have such a thoughtful husband who planned that day for us.

Huge Homemade Slide

On the big jumpy thing

In front of the maze

Duck races (Lauren's favorite part)


Saturday night we went to the Cabral's for some yummy BBQ and trick or treating with the girls. They were so cute going up to the houses so confident, with their "trick or treat" followed by "thank you", which was followed by "rock n roll" by Lauren. She was in full rock star mode! Pretty sure she had a great time. In her prayer that night she thanked God for "the beautiful butterfly, the nice witch, the cute Dorthy and the rock star". So sweet.

Groupie #1

Rock star

Rock start and a Witch

Groupie #2

Trick or Treating

Here is a little video, sorry it is so dark, I took with my camera.

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Stacey said...

oh my goodness!!! LOVE her costume. so cute!