Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Birthdays (Lauren's Birthday part 1)

The Wednesday before Easter we had a fun playgroup Easter Egg hunt. The kids loved it and there were tons of eggs for everyone to find!

The Starting Line

For Easter, we met the rest of the family up at the ranch. We all had a great time. It was a little cold, but we still managed to fish at the "basshole" and the "crapfish" pond. Lauren caught her first fish. I caught nothing. It was a pretty relaxed weekend, with lots of cousin fun. We also celebrated Lauren and Will's birthday. He are some picture highlights!

The Hunt

The Girl Cousins

I guess to be a successful Egg hunter you must wear camo!

The Candy that I errr I mean Lauren can't stop eating.

PaPa and his littlest girl.

Happy Birthday Lauren & Will, Happy Birthday to You!

Cute Glasses Will

The Coloring of the Eggs

Lauren apparently is not a fan of boiled eggs.

Look What the Easter Bunny brought.

Here are a few of little Miss Thing playing with all the cool stuff she got from the Aunts and Uncles and all the cousins and Mom Mom and Pa Pa.

Littlest Pet Shop

Gone Fishing!

Roller Skates (apparently they work better without pants!)

And as a side note......I am aware that part 1 should have come first. No excuses, just the way it happened.

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