Monday, January 26, 2009

Favorite Lauren Quotes Part 3

1. I'm not sad, I'm just right.

2. Ma'am is for girls, Sir is for boys.

3. I play the poo poo game Mama I go poo poo. (This while I was in line to vote, very loudly, she got quit a chuckle from those I was in line with)

4. Look at my sister laying on the floor (referring to our dog Abby)

5. Magic, Magic Make more pillows for Mommy. (she is very into make believe these days)

6. Doug is fat. (She thinks it's really funny to call her Daddy Doug and to say he is fat, not because he is or she knows what that means, but because it drives him crazy)

7. When asked why she was getting out her PJ's "Because I'm going to pack them to go to Mom Mom's house tonight" Guess it's been too long.

8. I burped. That's just gas in my mouth. Excuse Me

9. I don't like barbies. (THANK GOODNESS)

10. Who let the dogs out? WHO? WHO? WHO?

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