Thursday, August 7, 2008

Date Night

Tonight Lauren and Doug are on a date. Nothing fancy. Just a trip to the park to play and then to Taco Cabana or as Lauren says it Taco Banana. Doug told her about the date last night and she woke up this morning talking about it in her toddlerese fashion. It's great that she was so excited to spend time with her Daddy. (My Daddy is how she always refers to him, as in "What are you doing, my Daddy) I can't say how disgustingly cute I find this. But I also think it is awesome for many reasons. One, it gives Doug a glimpse into my life through one on one toddler time. But more importantly, it allows Lauren to get to know her dad and vice versa. She will get to see what I see. How much fun he is, how devoted he is and what a great man he is. Father/Daughter time is critical for a little girl. After all, her Dad is the first man she will ever love. He is her first example of what a husband should be. He is the first picture of what a father to her kids some day should be. And I want the best for her so why not set the bar high? Doug certainly has. I was blessed to have a wonderful father too, who I look up to more than he will ever know. I want Doug and Lauren to have our kind of relationship and even more. Some day, like I have, she will need the gentle touch and kind advice from her father and these little dates are the stepping stone for that.

I have to say that this all makes me love and admire Doug even more. He is a wonderful father and husband and I am deeply grateful for both. This was all his idea and I give him all the credit in the world for seeing the importance of the time he spends with her. Both quality and quantity.

So, tonight I am alone with the dog....... another bonus!

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